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Daedalus Education is looking for inspirational educators for both long term and short term employment. There is no unique credential required to apply for these positions, but we are only interested in working with those most capable of contributing to the educational process and environment at Daedalus.

Currently, we are hiring Instructional Engineers at a slow rate, when we’re able, but these positions make up the core of our staff.

We are looking for many mentors and tutors now. Please read on.

Available Positions

Math Explorers Instructor: Daedalus is currently seeking one or more individuals to run classes (and help develop curriculum) for highly interested math students ages 7 to 10. Expect students to be the types of learners you would expect to gravitate toward honors classes, and some will be highly gifted.

Programming/Computing Instructor: Daedalus plans to make technology a greater and greater priority moving forward. Programming courses will be an essential part of our offerings. We seek a part time instructor for programming classes. This position may develop into a full time position.

Chess Instructor: Daedalus seeks an instructor to help develop and execute chess programs for young students. This position will be part time or on a contract basis, at least for now.

Instructional Engineers

On the one hand, that’s our fancy term for teachers, chosen to make us feel like we’re doing something special. But to be fair, we are trying to do something special. More than teaching, we’re engineering environment and culture, and it’s a challenging job. We have already produced thousands of pages of unique curriculum that allows room for nonlinear exploration.

  • What is the job description of an educational engineer?
    • Well, a complete description would take the fun out of it, and would probably be a tad dishonest. You create that description. There are boundaries, of course. But we’re looking for people who want to put together the best courses for learners of technology from robotics to programming, learners of communication from standard essay writing to how to make a movie, learners of music from how to sight read to how to improvise, and so on.
  • What types of classes would you teach?
    • Well, what types of classes can you teach? We want you to tell us. Daedalus is not about a narrow core curriculum. We value core subject matter, of course. For instance, literacy is essential. But after the essentials, learning is a wide open playing field! That doesn’t mean we’ll hire you to create a class on underwater basket weaving. Well, we might. If there are eight or twelve students a year interested in underwater basket weaving, and you have an idea for the world’s greatest class in underwater basket weaving, that’s excellent. But if only two students a year want to take that course, you’re better off joining our pool of mentors and tutors (see below). Demand will drive much of what we do. We may at times create demand by offering courses not previously conceived of by learners to see who is interested. Though most of our courses will be in areas such as mathematics, communication, technology, and other topics in which many students are already passionately interested. That said, we do want to hear from the artist who can craft an amazing course in how to create a comic strip, from the inventor who wants to run seminars on how to use 3D printing technology, and the athlete with special insights into how to show young people how to develop long term muscle control and balance as a lifelong pursuit of physical potential. Beyond that, we’re interested in hearing your ideas. Even when we don’t know if they’ll fly, we are constantly in touch with an eager community who can tell us.

There are a few things we do want you to know about us and what we expected of our educational engineers:

  • Understand that learning is participatory. The internet is the place for stand-and-deliver lectures. The classroom is the place for dynamic involvement.
  • Playing is learning, but it can be a challenging job to formulate good ways for students to play while learning a particular concept. It can also be important to recognize when too much time to play will bore some students who need additional challenges.
  • A good plan is worth a lot. A plan that allows for divergence is golden. The ability to twist and turn, and still achieve classroom goals is a worthy professional task.
  • Basic skills are mastered through repetition. Some students are interested in recognizable master of basic skills while others are interested in their own formulation of this kind of goal. Motivation cannot be forced, but it can sometimes be inspired. Daedalus programs can sometimes enhance the path toward basic skill mastery, but that is rarely the primary value of a given class. (Continue reading for more on why this is the case.)
  • Daedalus courses are about more than basic skills and excess repetition kills [motivation]. It isn’t appropriate to repeat some things over and over. Very often, the core goals behind a class or too nonlinear, too consuming, or too project oriented to be repeated to the point of mastery. This is where good course engineering and management adds value to the learning experience.
  • You will learn as much from your students as they will learn from your guidance. This will likely lead you to constantly rebuild your programs.
  • The tools of education are constantly changing. We want instructors who aren’t afraid to constantly learn new things to improve the educational experience.
  • Technology is wonderful. But the most important technologies are people, culture, pedagogy, and curriculum. The best teachers need only the gadgets that help the most, and sometimes nothing fancy at all. That’s not to denigrate computers---many of our classes may center around the most poignant and exceptional uses of computing technology.
  • You are the most important person in the room. Yes, a great teacher makes a huge impact because the environment and system in which education take place makes a dramatic different. The teacher is the person most responsible for maintaining the culture of the classroom.
  • No, you are not the most important person in the room. Sorry to contradict ourselves so quickly (we "contain multitudes" and all that), but there are multiple facets to all this. Your job is to serve, and that means remaining focused on the good of the learners.
  • You are ready to challenge and improve your notion of how to maintain an environment of good discipline. Every person has problems. Creative management can solve many of them. Gaining the trust of students goes a long way toward creating a relationship that allows you influence. Helping students learn to handle a variety of classroom situations is different every day with every student. It’s an individual problem solving task. Remember, the mental health of your students is more important than the immediate lesson. In fact, learning how to be an emotionally healthy learner trumps is our foremost goal.
  • Are you ready? Please send your resume to Sorry about the long email address. We just wanted to reiterate one last time what you’re getting yourself into.

    Mentors and Tutors

    Daedalus offers a wide range of mentoring and tutoring services to families in the Dallas Metroplex area for K-12 students, undergraduates, and those seeking more specialized services. While tutoring and mentoring may relate to areas in which Daedalus offers programs, it need not. So, if you feel you have something to offer to learners seeking one-on-one or small group educational leadership, please send us a resume at

    Your resume will be most helpful to us if you make clear which subjects/topics/skills you feel most excited about helping others with.

    Compensation for mentoring and tutoring varies by job, and may depend on whether you tutor at the Daedalus Education center, travel to a client’s home, meeting at your home, work via the internet, and other factors.

    As best as possible, we play to accrue feedback from clients both to help us match learners with mentors, but also to help our tutors and mentors understand how to best make the most of their time.

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