Daedalus Education Community Policies

The underlying philosophy behind Daedalus policies is that students are responsible for themselves, and are the drivers of their own experience.

Please take the time to read our policies in full. Good policies are an investment in a great community. Every parent and student who takes a class or attends an event at Daedalus must first read and understand these policies.

Class and Class Times

Daedalus staff works very hard planning and implementing programs of the highest quality. Our time is very important to us and our students. Students may enter the Daedalus Education facility no earlier than 15 minutes prior to class time, and must be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of class time.

We understand that travel times are variable, and we do not mind a student entering class late, though they should "go with the flow" as well as possible when they arrive.

We will charge a fee to families late to pick up students after class. Somebody at Daedalus must be responsible for each student at these times, and we will charge $20 per 15 minutes late, beginning at 15 minutes after the end of class (rounding intervals up to the number of whole 15 minute intervals). It may be easiest to consider the "15 minutes after class" rule a "10 minutes after class" rule with a 5 minute grace period. No exceptions.

Daedalus Education reserves the right to suspend or prohibit enrollment from families who repeatedly pick students up late.

Makeup Class Policy: Our courses involve a complete engagement between students and instructor, and are a combination of prepared material, choreographed to perfection, and a high level of improv during group discussions. For this reason, makeup classes from various levels cannot be blended, and instruction time would be doubled. And we also believe that this is why our courses are so valuable! Our instructors work hard during class time to make it all work. Many classes are crafted to a level we consider performance art. For these reasons, there are no makeup classes scheduled or to be scheduled. However, if there are multiple instances of the same class running, a student may attend the other class by appointment only, so long as there is available space in the class (if there are 9 students in a class that is capped at 12, we may limit the number of makeup students to 3).

Media and Privacy: Students may not take pictures or record audio or video without permission from a school director (instructors may not grant permission). Permission will only be granted on an exceptional basis. Any plan and reason for recording must be submitted in writing. Students, teachers, and faculty should not feel distracted by the need for a "public etiquette" during educational time. The school is a family, and family matters are private. This is not to say that activities at the school would be anything anyone would not want to share. This is primarily a matter of not worrying about embarrassing moments or compromising the ability of the school to choose its level of operation.

Family Participation: When seats are available, parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on class. So much education happens at home, and if continued conversations about classroom topics benefit everyone. The presence of adults also encourages the mature behavior of young people, and young learners benefit from that influence. We do ask parents to acknowledge the authority of the instructor in leading the classroom, and submit any and all questions and suggestions by email.

Responsibility for a Healthy Community: Daedalus Education and its staff work to build a thriving community of high performance learners. Students attend classes and programs at our discretion. We reserve the right to accept only the students and families we so choose into any class, program, or event.

Refund Policy: A family may un-enroll a student from any course at any time and for any reason. Daedalus will refund the prorated tuition amount, minus a $100 cancellation fee. There are no refunds for one day Events at Daedalus.

Communication Policies

Good communication fosters an excellent community environment.

Consultation: Many parents understandably want to discuss a variety of issues involving their child's education and progress. Our time is unfortunately limited, so we ask that all such conversations and questions begin with an email. Instructor emails will be listed in multiple places on our website, but you can always email, and your email will be forwarded to the right person. We do our best to respond in a timely manner. If an email answer would be overly time consuming, or insufficient, we will advise setting up an appointment for consultation. Fees for consultation will be the same as fees for tutoring, and will depend on the rate of the instructor or staff member.

One more note: Daedalus classes are wonderfully active and intense experiences, and instructors put forth a great deal of effort. We are at our best as teachers and classroom managers when we can take the time to enter the best mindset before class, and can feel free to reflect on and document class afterward. For this reason, we ask that instructors not be asked questions or consulted immediately before or after class. There may be Daedalus staff at the front desk to help answer most questions.

Behavior, Responsibility, and Preparation

Safety First: Running is strictly prohibited on the Daedalus Education premises. We understand and fully believe that running around and getting physical activity is healthy, and we do wish we were located with access to a good park (That's on the future wish list!). However, for the safety of everyone, we require students to move around the school at a pace safe for them and for others, and remain in control of themselves.

No Fighting or Physically Disturbing Others: Such rules need no explanation. A good rule of thumb is to "Behave Constructively". In our experience, this issue rarely arises as the atmosphere is generally quite enjoyable and we aim to keep it positive.

Conflict Resolution: If a student is not treating others with respect, somebody must talk with them. Action must be taken for the good of the student and also others. In some cases, we may ask a parent to sit in on classes with the student (a solution that proved effective on numerous occasions at MIST Academy, the predecessor of Daedalus Education).

If a teacher is having trouble handling a student and treating them with respect: It's good for the teacher to admit frustrations to a senior member of the staff. Just talking things through is usually enough to handle emotions and find a solution.
If another teacher notices frustration, it is perfectly appropriate and advised to talk with the teacher with the intention of constructive help. If a solution is not reached, talk with a senior member of the staff.

Medication and Health: Daedalus Education and its staff are not responsible for the medication of students, and we do not have the resources to keep a nurse or medical professional on staff or available. Each student and their family is responsible for any medication needed during class time. In the event of an emergency, we will call 911 and all phone numbers for the family on file.

Some members of the Daedalus Education staff are planning to seek CPR certification, but there is no guarantee that a CPR certified staff member will be at our facilities during any given time.

Contact Information: Without exception, Daedalus management must have current contact information for every family in the event of an emergency, or class cancellation. We require at least one email address for our mailing list, and we require a phone number for every responsible parent or guardian, and also a phone number for one trusted family friend.

Clean Environment: Students are asked to dispose of their own trash at the end of every class. Help is nearly always appreciated in the cleanup process, including wiping down of the white boards. Food and drink, aside from water and food required for health concerns, our prohibited at the Daedalus Education facility. We may change this policy in the future as the school grows. We encourage students to bring a water bottle to class, and there is a water fountain. Please dispose of food trash in a trash can outside prior to entering the facility.

Destruction of Property/Theft: Each family is responsible for any destruction or defacement of Daedalus Education property and that of others in the facility. Students who deface or destroy property, or steal from Daedalus Education or others, may be asked not to return to class if we feel the offense warrants that action.

Loss or Theft of Property: Daedalus Education is not responsible for loss or theft of any property. Each students should handle their possessions with care and respect those of other students.

Daedalus Education management reserves the right of clarification and judgment over all our policies. For a printable version of our policies, please click here.

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